Language Lab

Lab Language Lab is used to develop students' language skills, paying special focus on vocabulary and pronunciation. The English Language lab provides a diverse experience from the conventional system of teaching. It offers advanced features such as authentic recorded materials spoken by different native speakers that expose the students to the near-ideal pronunciation of native speakers. In addition, Orthophonie devices are used to augment language competence through course materials such as pronunciation drills, grammar exercises and listening tasks.

Nine users can use the English Language Lab at a time. Students are trained on developing their listening and speaking skills with special sessions that focus on pronunciation and communication competence. A blended methodology of language teaching is adopted in the language lab. The teacher explains the language concepts, guides the students through the different modules, and then proceeds to practice them individually at their computer systems in the lab. Teachers monitor student lab activities and receive instant reports on their performance in tasks and exercises that can be utilized to customize the teaching and learning activities to maximize language competence in the lab and the classroom.


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