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The Department of Commerce was established in 2014 to offer a comprehensive contemporary and multi-disciplinary curriculum structured to equip the students with the knowledge, skills and tools needed to make them competitive in a global industrial and business environment. The Department aims to maintain academic excellence and equip students with the skills necessary to face the challenges and requirements of the business world. Our mission is to provide quality education and training in Commerce and business-related courses and develop skilled, knowledgeable human resources who by their thinking and value-based personality, would effectively leadership in teaching, research, and careers in Commerce and business-related fields.

B.Com Computer Applications

B.Com Computer Applications is a three-year undergraduate course. It is designed to understand the field of Commerce, especially in the discipline that involves the use of software technology applications. The course is designed to equip students with the knowledge in Commerce as well as in the field of computer programming and computer systems. Under this program, the students would be taught the basics of Commerce like accountancy, macroeconomics, computer language basics, computer applications in business, etc.

  • The B.Com Computer Applications is a degree that equips students with knowledge in both Commerce and computers.
  • The course will teach the students all the technicalities involved in computer applications and how to use them in business after graduation.
  •  This course bridges commerce and computer applications which in turn help the students to become competent and employable.
  • Also, training in Computer Applications in the field of Commerce provides extra mileage in placements.
  • Students will gain an in-depth understanding of the working of the field of Commerce and the IT field.
  • This course is perfect for those who want to work in both the fields or even in either field as it will give them an edge over the competitors.
  • You can work in the IT industry, educational institutes, computer training centres, computer repair shops, banking sector, web designing, etc.
  • You could also work as a mobile app developer, computer operator, computer application specialist, computer scientist, accounts assistant, etc.
  • The curriculum taught is modern and innovative, giving the students a much broader outlook on how the market functions.


B.Com Tax Procedure and Practice

Bachelor of Commerce in Taxation is a specialized course in the field of tax and financial management. B.Com in Taxation is a three-year undergraduate course designed to provide students with an adequate understanding of the tax system and financial principles efficiently. The primary purpose of this course is to prepare students for various positions in the area of the tax department and different financial careers such as financial administration, financial planning, wealth management, property valuation etc. B.Com in Taxation and Finance course also prepares students for a wide variety of business opportunities while imparting management skills and core competencies. B.Com in Taxation and Finance also offers a solid platform to the students who wish to pursue technical courses in the future, such as CA, CS, and ICWA.

Aims and Objectives of the Programme

  • To make a candidate proficient in concepts related to Taxation, finance, and accounting.
  • To prepare a student both for entrepreneurship as well as the corporate world.
  • To equip a student to opt for jobs in government sectors, private organizations, or become an entrepreneur.
  • To encourage students to pursue their higher education by opting for Postgraduate degrees like MBA and M.Com or go in for professional courses like CA, CS, ICWA to brighten their career prospects.

Scope for Employment

  • This course helps students to increase their knowledge in economics, accounting, and finance.
  • It helps students who pursue this course get exposed to indirect taxes like wealth tax, customs tax, and central excise tax. In addition, there are different types of Taxation such as Value added tax, Property tax, Income tax, Service tax, etc.
  • Candidates can get employed in the Government and private sectors. For example, professionals can join any organization as a tax recruiter, tax policy analyst, tax advisor, revenue agent, tax examiner, tax manager, tax accountant, and the tax collector.
  • It prepares students for a profession in Taxation, finance, and accounting. In addition, it provides a solid base in the field of Taxation, Accounting, and Finance, thus making it easier to acquire a leadership/managerial role in the financial sector.

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