Department of English

The Department of English, established in 2021, is the youngest Department in Carmel College. Our sole purpose is to bring about holistic development in our students by providing ample opportunities to explore the vast possibilities of knowledge and skills. The Department offers the undergraduate programme, BA in English Language and Literature. Special care is taken to ensure the development of communicative and literary skills among the students. Seminars and communication workshops are organized by the Department, where eminent resource persons interact with our students.

English Literary Association and Drama Club have been formed with the objective of developing the literary, inter-personal and histrionic skills in students. In addition to the Annual Literary Fest and releasing a manuscript magazine, the Literary Association conducts diverse programmes throughout the academic year. The Department also conducts communication workshops in association with the Placement cell. The final year students are trained to communicate effectively in interviews and group discussions for various job placements.


BA. English Language and Literature

BA. English Language and Literature is an undergraduate programme comprised of English literature, literary criticism, and linguistics modules. The students will study the history of English literature and seminal texts in detail. In addition to this, they will also learn the linguistic systems underlying language, exploring in detail how the language is structured, acquired and used. Students are also introduced to the concepts of literary criticism and theory. They also get to read, learn and analyse major literary works through different perspectives. They acquire skills and expertise in written and oral communication, critical thinking, grammar and linguistics.

After completing the course, the students will

  • recognize, explain and apply current approaches in literary theory.
  • analyse and discuss a variety of literary texts and theories brought in dialogic interaction.
  • examine the relationship between text, reader, author and the socio-cultural and politico-economic context.
  • recognize linguistic resources that may be exploited in written texts.
  • combine descriptive analysis with more critical and theoretical work, which develops students' understanding of texts and/or language systems.
  • describe, explain and interpret linguistic systems underlying language acquisition and development.
  • identify and apply language in use patterns.
  • demonstrate high proficiency in English.

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