Counselling Cell

Emotional, psychological and social well being helps one to overcome challenges of life effectively. The common problems that teenagers face today are usually related to their self-esteem, peer pressure, bullying, relationship issues, depression, decision making, which includes choosing the right career path, making choices in the various instances of life etc.

The Counselling Cell is a space where students can discuss the difficulties they face or share their thoughts with the counsellor about a situation that requires clarity. It provides a platform for students to pursue both their professional and personal goals with greater self-awareness, self-esteem and understanding. Confidentiality is a legal requirement of counselling and is strictly maintained. For the smooth functioning of the Cell, we also have a teacher representative from each Department.  It helps to build the confidentiality and comfort zone to share their problems. They guide young minds by helping them to understand their strength. The Cell focuses on reinforcement and advice to encourage the students to reach out their goals. It also focuses on students' strengths and weaknesses and provides self-awareness, decision-making skills, planning skills, personality development etc.


  • Fr. Gino K
  • Ceesha S (C)
  • Bilkees S Nair
  • Bijimol

COVID-19 Redressal Cell

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic in our country, the UGC has advised all the Higher Education Institutes to form a COVID-19 Redressal Cell for the students of the institution. Accordingly, Carmel College has also formed a COVID-19 Redressal Cell to resolve the Carmelites' queries/concerns/grievances. This initiative is expected to provide psycho-social support and counselling to students for their mental health and well being. The students can reach the COVID-19 Redressal Cell of the College in the following manners for quick redressal of their queries/ concerns/grievances in the following way:
Helpline numbers:
Email address:


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