College Union

Carmel College encourages students' participation in healthy politics for their overall development as responsible citizens. The College has a democratically elected student union that looks after student welfare through its various programmes. The college union enhances the student experience and cultivates an enduring connection to the institution. It comprises of the college union Chairman, Vice Chairman, General Secretary, Treasurer, Arts Club Secretary and Representatives from the departments etc. The college union is bestowed with the responsibility of conducting the Arts Fest. Staff Advisor and other faculty members assist students in conducting programmes and competitions. The Principal is the ex-officio Treasurer and patron of the College Union. Expenses for the college union activities require prior sanction of the Principal and the college union advisor.

The objectives of the college union shall be:

  • to instil in students the duties and rights of responsible citizens of India and comprehend the nuances of governance,
  • to uphold, implement and work for the ideals of the College in a befitting manner,
  • to promote opportunities, to mould the character, leadership, efficiency, knowledge and spirit of service among students,
  • to organise debates, seminars, workshops and other activities in the interest of the College,
  • to encourage sports, arts and other cultural, educational, social or recreational activities that are incidental and conducive to the above objectives.

 Executive Committee Members

  • Fr Robin Anandakattu
  • Fr. Gino K
  • Angel Mary KJ (C)
  • Nithyamol Antony
  • Joy O

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